Podcast: Firegrinders

I also co-host the podcast Firegrinders with my good friend and entrepreneur Sash Ameerchund! We will be exploring weekly topics related to the FIRE movement and investing (drawing heavily from the content you’ll find here on FFWF). You’ll find links to the latest episodes of our podcast here. If you enjoy them, don’t forget to throw us a like or subscribe to our channel!

Video Episodes

Firegrinders Podcast, Episode 5, December 29 2021: How to Budget
Firegrinders Podcast, Episode 4, December 18 2021: Immortal Index Funds!
Firegrinders Podcast, Episode 3, August 22 2021: Debt Management for Investors
Firegrinders Podcast, Episode 2, August 14 2021: Build an Emergency Fund (BEFORE Investing)
Firegrinders Podcast, Episode 1, May 31 2021: Gamers Turned Investors

Audio Episodes

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